Classic Car Title Loans

So you have a classic car and need a car title loan. True Financial is here to help, with fast online car title loan approvals to get you the cash you need when you need it. We are one of the few title loan lenders, particularly in California that are able to help you get a title loan for a classic or vintage car providing you with the quick cash you need. Unlock the equity in your car - contact us today or visit a location to find out how much you qualify to borrow with a secured auto title loan. Age doe not matter with our older vehicle program. You may have phoned one or two lenders and they were not able to help you. With all title loans we are able to allow you to retain possession of your classic during the loan, making title loans a quick and easy way to obtain emergency funds - loans can often be funded the same day that you apply.

classic car title loans

Apply for a title loan on a Classic Car Today

Usually lenders like to provide title loans for vehicles that are within certain age paramaters, usually the requirement is that the vehicle is no more than 10 years old. However classic or vintage vehicles are different, often that fact that they are old is what gives them value. That is why it is important to find a lender who is familiar with or has experience and understanding in how to value these types of vehicles and how to provide a loan for them. Knowing how to value a classic car is a particular skill and not all lenders operate or provide loans in that space.

How Does a Classic Car Title loan work?

A registration loan or pink slip loan provides you with cash in a fast time frame and the security is often just the vehicle itself. The advantage of a classic car pink slip loan is that loans are able to be approved even if you have bad credit plus you also get to keep possession of your vehicle. In fact, these types of loans work well for people with bad credit or who want to obtain a loan with bankruptcys, chapter 11 or other issues. In some cases a loan can be obtained with no need for a credit check. The lender takes the title of your vehicle as security for the loan, and often the loans have features where you can repay the loan at any time. Find out about our great low repayment options for classic cars.

If you are considering taking out a car title loan, chances are good you are facing some kind of serious and unforeseen financial situation. If you don’t have the credit score to take out a personal loan, and have exhausted any other options you have considered, you may want to consider taking out a car title loan.

Though car title loans do come with a certain level of risk because they are secured loans tied to the value of your car, there are definitely lenders who are fair, flexible, and looking for both parties to benefit. So, what should you look out for when considering a car title lending company?

Classic Car Title Loans Online

While trying to find the best car title loan company or you, it’s important to pick professionals that understand how the title loan industry works. Loans, interest rates, and payments can often be somewhat difficult to manage and it is a great help to have someone who has years of experience working with you on the other end.

In order to gauge experience, it is often as simple as finding out just how long a classic car title loan company has been in business. If it seems as though they have been in business for a number of years, chances are good they are responsible, helpful, and professional lenders to help you obtain a pink slip loan on your classic car.

Shopping for loans - Securing a low interest rate when applying

Interest rates are one of the most important things to look for when comparing loan companies. Interest can impact that overall price of your loan greatly because they reflect the percentage of your loan that you have to pay on every payment until you pay off your entire loan. The percentage can vary widely depending on what title loan company you are working with. So it helps to show around to find the best deal when looking for a car title loan on a classic car or vintage auto.

It is crucial that you pay close attention to the interest rate connected to a given loan. Knowing this will give you insight into whether or not you will be able to pay back the loan. It will also let you estimate how long it will take you to pay back your loan, and how much interest you will accrue over that time.

classic car title loans

Title Loans for Classic Cars

Why True Financial?. Most lenders offer a similar product although not all lenders are familiar with or do a lot of loans on classics. A loan, like most things you purchase will have some costs and fees associated. These are usually mandated by states and vary more from state to state rather than within the state. True Financial is clear, upfront and we are fast. Have a question for us? If you are unsure about what the costs will be our phone lines are available to fund you 24 hours a day in order to take your application and handle any questions you may have. True Financial specializes in provide car title loans for older cars and classic car title loans and we have a number of options available to you to help get the cash you need when you need it.

When comparing companies, make sure to a get a quote from each classic car car title loan lender before you eventually decide which car title loan company is the best for your auto loan.

Next, take a look at the interest rates and hidden fees attached to any loan. These factors should play a huge role in deciding.

Check a Company's Customer testimonials. These are easily accessed through looking at online searches or through checking

If you are feeling like you are somewhat in the dark regarding how a certain car title loan company operates, a great way to get added insight is to read their customer testimonials.

Vintage Car Title Loans

If you do a bit of online digging, it is typically quite easy to find testimonials. Some of the very best companies even offer customer testimonials on their own sites. Beyond that, if you find yourself having trouble finding any kind of testimonials about a given company, it is probably best to stay away. Also make sure you check specifically the reviews of lenders that help you get a title loan on a classic car

Why Apply for a loan today with True Financial

True Financial is able to take the time to discuss with you the options available for a classic car title loan. We are based in Los Angeles, California however are able to help customers in many states in the us, by conducting the title loan online and over the phone. This is a convenient option to save you time. We can help through our partner title loan lenders throughout the USA in states such as Florida, Texas, Nevada and many more. Get in contact to apply for a classic car title loan by completing the form today or calling us to find out what you qualify. If you need cash in a hurry and want to use your classic car as security for a loan, get in contact and find out how we can be of help to you.

We are often asked, how can I get approved on a title loan for a classic car. Well, the process for being approved for a classic car is not too dissimilar from being approved for an online loan for other vehicles. The only difference is that your vehicle is older. That doesn’t necessarially need to hold you back. There are a number of lenders that specialize in older classic vehicles that are more than willing to take the time to process you application and provide you with a customized quote that contains your APR, term interest rate and what your repayment may be. You may be looking for a small loan amount such as $2500 or looking for a larger loan amount such as $10,000 or more. The great news is there are title loan lenders out there who can help you find the cash you need in a fast and efficient way. Unlike other lenders we know how to handle classic cars. This could be a chevy, ford, or something more exotic such as a Ferrari or Maserati, and your are looking to obtain a title loan on a classic car. Unlock equity in your vehicle with a fast cash loan - swap your pink slip for cash and keep your classic car with our auto equity loans.

True Financial is one of the companies that buy out title loans so can help you refinance a loan on an older vehicle.

Discover why more and more customers trust the financing of their classic car title loan to True Financial. We can also help with refinancing a title loan for a classic vehicle. Contact us Today!